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The Heart Behind the Love

Maureen's Story

From the time she could hold a needle, Maureen has been involved in the world of sewing. The daughter of a apparel seamstress she began practicing and accruing skills from a young age. By the time she was a teenager, Maureen began sewing her own apparel and would continue to dabble in the art as she moved through life.

She learned to make baby clothes when her kids were born. When her kids joined the Boy and Girl Scouts, she pivoted to make bears for charity. She spent  4 years at Canon-McMillan High school sewing costumes for the drama/musical theater program - Seusical, The King and I, and Cinderella being some of her favorites. She created her first quilt in the late 1990s. She fell in love with the process and knew one day she wanted to do more with this new hobby. In 2015, Maureen began embroidering items, and when her granddaughter, Hannah Lee, was born, she combined these two loves.

As she couldn't help but create blankets, bears, and bibs for Hannah, she fell in love with the idea of personalizing and creating custom blankets, bibs, and bears for others. Fun fact; her favorite fabric to use is Shannon Fabrics as they have the softest, most plushable materials!

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Pink, Seaglass, and Baby Blue bears

Goodnight Moon Quilt's Mission

You know the feeling of cozying up under a great blanket - the security, the warmth, the relaxation. Goodnight Moon Quilts provides that feeling of love with every snuggle! From warm, detailed quilts, to soft, plushable bears, each and every product is crafted with care, confidence, and a dash of quirk. Goodnight Moon Quilts are made with love to feel like love.

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